Visitorperfect: Managing Visitors


There are many ways to manage visitors and methods can differ from one organization to the next. Visitorperfect makes it possible for all sorts of organizations, no matter what their needs, to set up sound management practices to deal with the comings and goings of visitors.

Whether you need to customize different entry criteria, visiting privileges or even equipment loans related to a visit, Visitorperfect lets you define protocols for every visitor, to suit your needs. You can even make it a requirement for visitors to be escorted, either by the person visited or by a security guard.

A visitor

Visitorperfect lets you manage multiple entrance and exit locations and, with one click, access the list of visitors present in your facilities at any given time. It also makes it easy for you to generate reports about prior visits, and you can conduct your search by visitor, host, date, or even by entrance and exit locations.

Several peripheral devices can be helpful in managing visitors: computer-controlled digital cameras, digital signature pads, printers for making visitor labels, RFID readers for access card and equipment loans, etc.

Why have a sophisticated access control system when we let visitors come and go without registering them or managing their access privileges? Don’t wait any longer. Start managing your visitors today with Visitorperfect.


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