Tourperfect: Routine Checks and Patrols software


Tourperfect is a software application for managing routine checks and patrols, such as those conducted by security guards (guard tours), or to inspect equipment. Tourperfect meets a wide variety of monitoring needs.

Able to work with many different kinds of data acquisition units— using RFID, iButton, or barcode technologies— Tourperfect stands out for its versatility.

Ideal for managing rounds, Tourperfect makes it possible for security guards to electronically record any anomalies they encounter when on patrol. What’s more, managers have access to a wide variety of reports about these rounds.

Tourperfect improves the way you manage equipment audits of all kinds, particularly audits of extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment, but also of production, refrigeration, and air-conditioning equipment. With Tourperfect, you can plan routine checks and patrols, and you can be certain equipment gets inspected as frequently as you plan.

By enabling the use of PDAs Tourperfect opens up new possibilities for managing routine actions. Tourperfect is supported by Tourpocket, an application used to introduce interactive questions directly into electronic readers while making one’s round.

Do you not have rounds established at your facilities? Would you like to take Tourperfect for a test drive? The X-Lite version allows you to try it out for less at your own premises, and if afterwards you want to get a version that includes more options, the costs of updating are equally low.

Whatever your needs, whatever the size of your organization, the Tourperfect software can meet your needs. Try Tourperfect on your existing system today!


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