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Secure accreditation

A major event attracts a large number of delegates and their assistants, journalists, support staff as well as security guards. Thousands of identities must be verified and accreditations of various levels of security must be emitted, verified and checked to assure the safety of the participants and the good progress of the event.

Thanks to the expertise that Groupe SIP acquired, the coordination of an event and the management of its security are simplified.


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired some of Excellium Technologies' activities


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired Excellium Technologies’s physical security division as well as the Controlperfect software suite.


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Licence plates and access control


Groupe SIP managed to successfully bind Genetec's AutoVu licence plate recognition system to Honeywell ProWatch Access control system.


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Turnkey Solution

Groupe SIP manages all the activities aiming at the security while offering you advanced tools of analysis.

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Web Preregistration

Our user friendly software offers a simple interface for the on-line preregistration of the participants.

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Secure Badges

To guarantee the safety of an event, Groupe SIP integrates various processes to create a strong identification and to prevent the forgery.