Security matters more than ever

Excellium Technologies inc. is a security company that serves several markets, including governments, police forces, airports, businesses, organizers of major events, etc. Rather than reacting to events, we believe it is possible to be proactive thanks to our ever-evolving technological solutions.

Our unique expertise makes Excellium exceptionally qualified to provide advanced and customized security solutions that combine and integrate various specialties. Products and services provided by Excellium allow to identify, locate and secure personnel and assets. Excellium’s extensive network of established resellers enables us to offer our services and solutions worldwide.

Often custom built, our solutions combine and integrate many specialties such as video analytics, biometric identification, access control and much more. Products and solutions offered by Excellium are designed to identify, locate and secure people and assets.


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired some of Excellium Technologies' activities


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired Excellium Technologies’s physical security division as well as the Controlperfect software suite.


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Licence plates and access control


Groupe SIP managed to successfully bind Genetec's AutoVu licence plate recognition system to Honeywell ProWatch Access control system.


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Governments and social services

We offer government agencies acces management systems, border management systems and background checks solutions.

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Polices corps

Many police corps across Canada already use our judicial identity platform.

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Airports and borders

Our solutions such as the Restricted Area Identification Card for CATSA, C-TPAT accreditation and video analytics allow us to secure borders everywhere.

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Large businesses

Excellium offers access control systems, intrusion detection and security management tools to large businesses.

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International summits

Secure accreditation and background checks and badging services are part of our solution for international summits and other major events.

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Hospitals and pharmaceutical industries

Our access control and identity management solutions can secure key informations to protect investments and client privacy.

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