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Educational facilities

The security services in educational institutions face a particular situation: manage the safety of an individuals' in very high volume of circulation. A simple and effective identity management of of the teaching personnel, the support staff as well as the students is fundamental when installing an effective access control or supervision system.


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired some of Excellium Technologies' activities


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired Excellium Technologies’s physical security division as well as the Controlperfect software suite.


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Licence plates and access control


Groupe SIP managed to successfully bind Genetec's AutoVu licence plate recognition system to Honeywell ProWatch Access control system.


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Access Control

Thanks to our knowledge, we are capable of integrating access management systems by card and by biometric identification to better control the traffic of individuals.

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Physical security management

Excellium offers a physical security management software suite that simplify security related tasks.

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Identity management

Conceived to satisfy an always increasing demand of official identification documents, we offer a complete solution of cards management.

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