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Securing airports and borders

Being a country's front door, security in airports and borders should be a priority. Each location's specific needs should be evaluated. Each plan, procedure and intervention mechanism should be thoroughly evaluated to correct any point of failure.

We offer customized and non-intrusive solutions to enhance security such as a tight access management through biometric credentials or iris scanners.

A proper video analytics system allows managers to multiply their security staff's efficiency by automating abnormal and suspicious behaviors detection, such as a package being abandoned, or an individual heading in the opposite direction of a crowd.


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired some of Excellium Technologies' activities


Groupe SIP (Site Integration Plus) acquired Excellium Technologies’s physical security division as well as the Controlperfect software suite.


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Licence plates and access control


Groupe SIP managed to successfully bind Genetec's AutoVu licence plate recognition system to Honeywell ProWatch Access control system.


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Access Control

Thanks to our knowledge, we are capable of integrating access management systems by card and by biometric identification to better control the traffic of individuals.

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Video analytics

Thanks to the facial recognition and to the behavior analysis, the automated analysis by the video sequences multiplies the power of your video monitoring system.

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Identity management

Conceived to satisfy an always increasing demand of official identification documents, we offer a complete solution for cards management.

Verification bundle

Groupe SIP offers a verification bundle that includes a powerful software to help firefighters and paramedics in the equipment verification process.

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